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Spirited Away Logo
[AA]Spirited Away Logo
Victorique de Blois (GOSICK)
[AA]Victorique de Blois (GOSICK)
Shinji & Asuka Kiss (Evangelion)
[AA]Shinji & Asuka Kiss (Evangelion)
Yoneya Yosuke (World Trigger)
[AA]Yoneya Yosuke (World Trigger)
Ogino Chihiro & Pig (Spirited Away)
[AA]Ogino Chihiro & Pig (Spirited Away)
Kotoishi Naru (Barakamon)
[AA]Kotoishi Naru (Barakamon)
Dian (Jewelpet)
[AA]Dian (Jewelpet)
Shiraui Tsumugi (Knights of Sidonia)
[AA]Shiraui Tsumugi (Knights of Sidonia)
Gon Freecss Pray (Hunter x Hunter)
[AA]Gon Freecss Pray (Hunter x Hunter)
Ayase Eri (Love Live!)
[AA]Ayase Eri (Love Live!)
Kizaru (Onepiece)
[AA]Kizaru (Onepiece)
Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)
[AA]Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)
lit. Squid Girl Cry (Ika Musume)
[AA]lit. Squid Girl Cry (Ika Musume)
Kizaru (Onepiece)
[AA]Kizaru (Onepiece)
Oribe Yasuna Surprise (Baby Please Kill Me!)
[AA]Oribe Yasuna Surprise (Baby Please Kill Me!)
Kotoishi Naru (Barakamon)
[AA]Kotoishi Naru (Barakamon)
Nyanko-sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends)
[AA]Nyanko-sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends)
Mercury Lampe (Rozen-maiden)
[AA]Mercury Lampe (Rozen-maiden)
Arsene Lupin III Logo
[AA]Arsene Lupin III Logo

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